About Els


Els Launspach (1951) is a theatre critic and writer. She graduated at the University of Amsterdam (MA) and has worked in the political theatre and at Mickery Theatre (Ritsaert ten Cate). She has published widely on theatre, art, mimetic theory and screenwriting.


Launspach is regarded  a specialist on Greek tragedy and Shakespeare, lecturing all over the country and teaching at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. Over the years she has written seven novels for young people and three for adults. She lives in Haarlem, The Netherlands.

For children:

  • Jeanne d´Arc, Holland 1994
  • Het zwarte schip, Gottmer 1996
  • Verboden vriendschap (feminism and workers movement around 1900 in Amsterdam), Zwijsen 2004
  • Het groene gen (science fiction), Lannoo 2005
  • De komst van Guattaral (a trilogy around Sir Walter Raleigh, set in 17th century Guyana), Lannoo 2006

 For adults:

  • Messire (about Richard III, Thomas More and Shakespeare), Atlas 2008
  • Richard Revisited (paperback), IT&FB Amsterdam 2014
  • Richard Revisited (Kindle edition), Perseverance Publishing 2014
  • Jonker (a modern story about Dutch politics), Indeknipscheer 2015
  • Maîtresse van Oranje (historical novel), Indeknipscheer 2016